The reason i'm in kidmin...

We all have a reason as to why we do what we do, right? And perhaps, like me, you tried to tell God a time or two what you were going to do with your life when you grew up. I tried that, He won. 

I spent a few years in Student Ministry because it's what I wanted to do. It's what I needed to do before entering the senior pastor world. Those were my plans. God's were different thankfully. 

While helping with a church plant, I was still doing student ministry while my incredible wife was doing the kidmin stuff. We had an agreement, I help her and she would help me. Six months later, I found myself totally committed to Children's Ministry and answering God's call in my life to listen and obey.

The little humans you see in the picture are four of our five children. You'll see more about them as time passes. That picture is my world! Misti, Andrew, Autumn, Adam, Asher (in Heaven) and Archer, I love you and thank you for the daily sacrifices you make that allow us to follow God completely.